About Hybrid Health

Hybrid Health was born to bridge the gap between physiotherapy and exercise.

Health is more than just the physical, it's social, emotional and psychological. By listening carefully to clients we at Hybrid Health aim to create real lasting change.

Physical fitness isn't always a linear process, sometimes we are up, sometimes we are down, but by surrounding ourselves with positive and practical people we give ourselves the best chance to succeed regardless of what life throws at us.
Mark Goodwin
Founder - Hybrid Health

About Mark

Mark is motivated by helping people progress and invests in each and every client he has had the privilege of training throughout the years.

Trained and qualified in a wide spectrum of fitness disciplines ranging from kettlebells, boxing, exercise rehabilitation, spinning, Bootcamps and crossfit. He's also a nutritional advisor with a BSc in Human biology from Loughborough University and the co-founder of Newwave Crossfit.

Mark has a passion for three things; Fixing problems, training smart and being part of healthy happy communities.

My Journey

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Personal Training

  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Weight Loss & Body Composition
  • Structure & focus in your training

Lower Back Rehabilitation

  • Improve Mobility
  • Develop Core Strength
  • Regain Fitness

Group Training

  • Kettlebell Training
  • Bodyweight & Gymnastic Development
  • Partner & Team Challenges
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